Our Process

First things first; nobody offers a better recruiting process than ToyRecruiter.

Does your current recruiter ask about your corporate ethos? And I mean do they really ask? Do they ask tough questions of you or your ownership? Do they ask you to be integrated in the process? Do they ask you to help in the successful hire of the candidate or do they tell you to stand in a corner while they work their magic (cheaply and on an exclusive basis)? If they don’t ask questions about you and your company and ask you to be integrated in the process how can they find you the best person for your company’s opportunity? They can’t.

Our process is technically and philosophically different from our competitors. We have the utmost respect for the profession of recruiting and we are passionate about our work. This passion shows in our unique recruiting techniques, innovative billing strategies, our business writings, in-depth candidate evaluations and the amount of time and effort we put into your search and how very few candidates we will send to your firm.

You read that correctly…how few candidates we will send to you. It is a recruiter’s charge to limit the number of candidates that make it through the process not to send any candidate who wants the job. Everybody wants a new or better job or one that pays more money. We realize that and we weed those candidates out.

ToyRecruiter has an extraordinary candidate reach. We have access to a passive candidate pool that you do not. We recruit top performers who are currently employed and not actively looking to transition.

ToyRecruiter will save you time in your search which will in turn save you money. While we work on identifying talent for your company, you can remain productive in your primary job function.

Take the opportunity to review a few of the Case Studies that showcase how we work [found under the About Us section].

Their Process

The competition uses the SPAGHETTI method

They mail us a large packet of resumes which we go through, we call and interview the ones we like and when we find one that looks good we hire them.” It was in the early 1990’s and I was speaking to a new client and for the first time in my life I was speechless. I was able to muster the words, “And you pay the recruiter for this?” The hiring manager replied, “Sure…how else is it supposed to be done?”

When I learned how my competition worked – overwhelming the client with resumes – I knew their process was fatally flawed. They used a spaghetti approach; they threw any/every resume they had at the client and hoped that someone stuck. It was amazing that clients accepted this “quality” of work but they did because this recruiter was well known in the industry.

The competition needs EXCLUSIVITY

Our competition’s contract requires exclusivity in the search when they work with you because they can’t handle any competition. They want a fixed time where they can overwhelm you with resumes, using the spaghetti approach, in the hopes they can get one to stick. Their process is weak and they need this crutch to prop it up; exclusivity is that crutch. We don’t fear the competition, in fact I say bring the competition on, we are better than they are. My competitors know they aren’t as good as we are so they say “please don’t allow anyone else to compete with us…we really aren’t that good.”

The competition focuses on THEIR NEEDS

When you talk to our competition you’ll hear it in their voice, you will read it in their contract and you will see it in their actions; their focus is on their best interests – not yours. Their goal isn’t the perfect candidate for your job…it’s any candidate for any job. The competition’s actions say “Who cares about long-term retention or personality fit within your corporate culture – that’s your problem Mr. Client. I will never ask you about it because I don’t care.”

The competition is CHEAP

Here is a test for you, consult with as many industry recruiters as you can and then order them from those who charge the most descending to those who charge the least. Okay, who is at the bottom of your list? Are the recruiters who use the spaghetti method of recruiting, who don’t inquire about your corporate culture or your needs and yet who demand exclusivity also bottom feeding and charging the least? When you chose a recruiter based on price be careful and remember the old adage; you get what you pay for.

When you chose a recruiting firm assess how they present themselves: do they use antiquated methods? Do they demand exclusivity in their contracts? Are they the cheapest?  What is their reputation in the industry?  Then ask yourself…is this the firm I want to represent my company in the industry?