About Us

David E. Fitzgibbons, CPC
Chief Talent Officer and CEO of ToyRecruiter.com

There has to be a better way.”  Why are we hidebound to the traditional ways of doing things if those ways are inefficient?  I know there are better, more innovative methods in recruiting and I bring those innovations to my clients.  I have developed a fee structure – never seen anywhere – that revolutionizes the way recruiting fees are paid and it places all the risk on the recruiter…not the company.  I changed the way that my clients access information on creative talent that allows them to be constantly updated on who is available in the hiring market via our sister-site www.ToyIndustryDesigners.com.  My talent acquisition and submission process is completely different than my competitors and its focus is on my client’s best interest (not my own).  I represent the client and their opportunity, not the “job” and the salary offered; the importance of the hire requires that.  Why?  Because a recruiter who is just “selling a salary” has failed his client miserably.  I bring to life the opportunity that my clients have to offer better than any other recruiter in the industry…and I can prove it.  There is a better way to do business in the acquisition of talent and it calls for the recruiter to assume a greater burden in the process, be an innovator for his client, take on more risk and have a client-centric focus.

I have spent my entire career in the acquisition of talent.  I am considered by my peers to be a Thought Leader in recruiting techniques and philosophy and as such, I speak, write articles and blog about innovation in the field of talent acquisition.  I have been written about in numerous magazines and websites as well as The Wall Street Journal.  With my decades of experience, I have the unique ability to see things in a candidate – both positive and negative – that others miss.  I can spot potential issues that could negatively affect long-term retention or office dynamics.  Other recruiters believe in sending over the greatest number of candidates; quantity over quality.  I work quite the opposite and will only ever send over a hand-selected, quality group of candidates, all of whom are worthy of an interview.  My process requires a great deal more effort than my competitors but the outcome is worth the extra effort.