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When you work with me you are a beneficiary of my decades of experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and employment practices. In addition to being considered a Thought Leader by my peers, I am also the only Professionally Certified Executive Recruiter in the toy industry. I am also a Board Certified Thoracic Surgeon. Actually, I am not a Thoracic Surgeon but I appreciate you still reading. Seriously though, I am an expert in my field and I am here for you. Other recruiters take from you…I want to give something to you. If you have a question or need advice, feel free to reach out to me. I am here for you. Below are some FREE eBooks that showcase popular questions from my Ask David Advice Column featured in my Toy Industry Newsletter. Also, you will find additional eBooks that might be of interest to you for personal or professional development.


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David brought yet another opportunity and this one I had a good feeling about. Phone conversations, New York interviews, more phone conversations, and through it all David stayed dialed in. Not to force my placement but to help me navigate through waters I really wasn’t all that familiar with. Needless to say the rest is history and I am happily employed.

During my job search, many recruiters called me because they felt my resume was a good fit for a position they were working on filling. That’s great, but I am NOT just my resume. David was the only recruiter who took the time and put in the effort to get to know me to make sure my personal and professional goals could be met by the opportunity before presenting me as a candidate.

David’s belief in me as the right person for the role was based on more than my previous jobs. It encompassed my personality, values, life-work balance goals and those of the hiring manager. So, of course I nailed the interview and got the job thanks to David.

I interviewed with a client of David’s but wasn’t interested. David could have cajoled me into giving them another chance, after all, there was a lot of money in it for him but he didn’t. Quite the opposite, he told me he would find something else for me. I gained so much respect for him at that moment that his opinion is still very important to me today. I have recommended him highly to everyone I know looking for a job. I always say, “David is different from the rest” and I truly believe that.

David took the time to find out about me and my skill set and more importantly what my interests and desires were regarding my career aspirations. What was truly incredible was the time he took to follow up with me and guide me through the complete process. David was there every step of way and was able to “arm” me with so much information about the company and people I was going to be interviewing with. I have no doubt that all of those things we spoke about almost daily made a tremendous difference in the end.

David – your attentiveness to the smallest details of importance was unbelievable. Your follow-up calls after each interview, to find out how things went was a gesture of total commitment on your part. David, I know for a fact that your dedication and commitment to me was the sole difference in being where I am today. I accepted the offer as VP of Sales from a great company with a super compensation package and I owe it all to you. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.

Just knowing there recruiters like David who have empathy for their candidates is enough to keep me going. I can’t get most recruiters/headhunters to even fight for the interview. As you know, it gets very quiet while trying to generate your own luck. I appreciate what a recruiter like David has done for me.

I was in a high-stress, hostile work environment that was getting progressively worse each week. David became my sounding board and talked me through the rough patches to remind me what is truly important in life. He has an amazingly sunny outlook which is one of the things I love most about him! In addition to boosting my spirits and helping me to use a sense of humor to survive the daily stress, he also worked tirelessly to find me a wonderful new career opportunity.

After only a few days of working together David found me a perfect opportunity.  Several interviews turned into an offer. David was always there to provide support, answer questions and worked hard to get me the best offer.  Unfortunately, a few days before I was scheduled to start I had to withdraw my acceptance.  By that time, David had become my friend.  Telling him that I had to withdraw was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.  And do you know what David said…”It’s OK, don’t worry about it!  You need to do what is best for you and your family.  Family is so much more important than a job”.  Thank you David.

David cared about me. How do I know? When I was in need of help, he was there for me. David did a send out on my behalf to generate interest in me and my background. He followed up with calls and I appreciated the time, effort and energy he put into my search. Who would do that? Nobody would – but David did. David gave me personal attention – of course I deserved it – but nobody else treated me like he did. David always called me back – other recruiters don’t do that, and I appreciated that.

An offer I had was revoked…but David didn’t give up on the deal, just the opposite. He was very creative in proposing deal points with which I and my prospective company could both be comfortable. David worked diligently to bring the marriage together. He of course properly represented the interests of his client, but also supported the key issues important to me, without reservations. David went the extra mile, through the entire process, without his counsel this opportunity would not be mine today.